A Traveling Little Lady

Have I ever said my life is blessed? I truly feel that I am blessed in many ways, but mostly the ability to travel to new cities and form my own adventures.

When I was little girl, my family and I would always go on a Spring Break Vacation and then a Summer Vacation. It was some of my favorite times, however most of the time, we traveled by car. Of course, my sister and I would always ask “Are we there yet?” The most brilliant answer my day always responded “We’re on adventure, we’re never there yet!” BRILLIANT!!

So, now when I have the ability to travel to a new location, I take it upon myself to find that adventure. Whether its to eat by myself at a recommended restaurant, a visit to a new site, or to find that perfect spot for sweet bliss. The past month or so, I’ve been a traveling little lady!!

I’ve traveled to Laguna Beach, Washington, DC, and Orlando, FL. I had the most amazing time and the some of the worst times in my journey. In Laguna, I guess you could say I found ‘myself’. I wanted to join the crowd, be part of the action, but most everyone I traveled with, had a companion and I did not. This is where I learned to love being by myself and not let the travel get me down. To go out there, and have that adventure. Even if it’s by myself!

With that being said, and 3 weeks later, I was on my way to Washington DC. I had just had one of my worst flares, canceled my Remicade appointment, and was fighting an eye infection. How could I travel like this? I had NO CHOICE!! It was for work and the show must go on! However, I had the best time in Washington DC. I planned all the places I wanted to go, asked opinions about restaurants from friends and family, and planned my map out. I even took the MetroRail all by myself. A 26 year old female traveling all on her own. YIPPIE!!

Then, most recently I traveled to Orlando, FL. And we all know who lives in Orlando!! MICKEY MOUSE, CINDERELLA, AND PIGLET! Plus, my brother lives in Jacksonville, FL and came down to hang-out with me on my off time. We did Epcot one day and then did Magic Kingdom the next. This wasn’t my first trip to Disney World, but a few things to note. I remember Magic Kingdom being a lot bigger than it actually was. HAHAHAHAHA! Epcot is AWESOME as an adult. I really hated this park when I was little, but the added some AWESOME roller coaster rides and we did them ALL! Cuban food just tastes better in Florida. YUM-O!

Spending some quality time with my brother was the best part of my Orlando trip. We’ve never done a sibling trip before and it we had so much fun.

He had to return back home on the last day, so I spent it by the pool side with a good book. It was just so nice to relax and take a deep breath, especially being on the ‘go’ for 14 days straight. I knew if I didn’t, the cold I knew I was going to catch (and ended up catching!) was going to be worse. After being chronically ill for a huge chunk of my life, I can tell when my body is screaming at me saying ‘no, don’t do more! Please rest! You DESERVE IT!’ It’s the mentality of not burning the candle at both ends, as my mother says.

I have loved every minute of traveling. I was even impressed that I could travel without having my Remicade in between trips. I think the best part was knowing I can still travel. I can still take those adventures and make them into amazing experiences. With loved ones or all by myself! I can plan my day out to include frequent small breaks to keep the arthritis at bay. I CAN!!! It was an amazing experience and I look forward to the new adventures along the way!


5 thoughts on “A Traveling Little Lady

  1. Glad you had a lot of fun on your travels, I’ll be visiting D.C in may too, but your much braver than me taking the metro alone!

    Love the blog, nice to see another 20 (something) with AS sharing experiences too. I’ve only just got around to setting mine up. Look forward to reading future posts.


    • Thanks! I’m currently working on a new entry right now and will be posting about once a week. 🙂 The new post should be posted fairly soon once the tweaks are out of the way. I think the more we express ourselves and share our experiences the less up-hill battle we will have to experience with this disease!


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